Goodbye For Real (låt)

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Er hentet fra Ljungblut sin debutplate The Other Side Of All Things.



There`s two sides to every story
but this
You make it look like an accident
when we kiss
you always say
what I`m about to say
and it`s like you know I want to go
but I just keep on falling anyway.

But you can breathe
through concrete if you try
but still
it`s goodbye for real

You know you can`t cry in space
couse there`s no gravity
without which tears can`t flow
no no no no

And what do I have to say
to make you stay
to make you understand
it`s better we run away
together as one
couse it could end right here
in a place we don`t belong

It`s goodbye for real

So we made a wrong turn
back there
but let`s just keep on
until there`s nothing more to feel
we take our hands of the wheel
and let the love in
It`s goodbye for real.