Orchestra of Knives (album)

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Orchestra of Knives

Album av Zeromancer

Tittel Orchestra of Knives
Utgitt 24. september 2021
Label Trisol


  • CD, Trisol, 24. september 2021.


Tittel Lengde
1 Testimonial 04:35
2 Damned le Monde 04:01
3 Transparency 04:15
4 Mourners 04:26
5 Birthday 02:43
6 Terminal love 04:06
7 Worth less than Deutsche Marks to me 04:23
8 Orchestra of knives 04:46
9 Stand on ceremony 04:46
10 San Zero 03:11

Annen informasjon

Produced by Alex Møklebust and Kim Ljung
Mixed and engineered by Alex Møklebust

Recorded in the Mountain Hall of Haugarock
Room 13, Villa Carlotta and Unsound

Mastered by George Tanderø
Words by Kim Ljung
Music by Zeromancer

Artwork by Sigurd N. Kristiansen
Slides Leif Ljung
Photos Tom Lund
Booking Neuwerk Music

"In this world - we are twins"
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